The Motown Working Alaskan Malamutes club participates in many different working activities.  We welcome everyone from long time trainers and handlers to first time Malamute owners.  It is a great opportunity for new Malamute owners to become involved with their dogs as the club has a wealth of experienced people as well as equipment.  It gives the new owner a chance to see exactly how many things the Malamute is capable of doing, and gives them a chance to pick and choose which activity they prefer.   Below is a brief description of some of the activities that the club participates in.


Weight Pulling

This is a great sport for you and your dog.  It presently is the only competitive event that the club holds.  We currently hold weight pulls at two major dog shows.  These pulls are open to the public.  We also hold 'club pulls' for members and their guests.  Weight pull titles can be earned through the Alaskan Malamute Club of America (AMCA).

Sledding and carting.  The Alaskan Malamute is known for its sledding prowess.  We hold fun days (weather permitting) for sledding our dogs.  Carting can be done anytime, as long as the temperature is cool enough for the dogs.  Experienced dogs can get in fitness training while newer dogs can be taught basic trail commands and eased into pulling.


Back Packing

There is nothing a dog likes better than to go for a walk.  This sport combines that love with day hiking or overnight camping.  Distances vary from 10 to 20 miles.  Titles can be earned through the AMCA or through the United Kennel Club.


Rally, Obedience, Barnhunt, Nosework and Tricks

Although the club does not actually stage any events in these venues, we have members who are active in one or all of them.  The club is a good place to learn the ins and outs of these events, and how to become involved.  Titles can be earned in these events through various organizations.


Meet The Breed

Perhaps one of the most important and satisfying event you can be involved in.  Getting the facts of our breed out to the public not only promotes the good qualities of the breed but also gives the public a chance to see a Malamute up close and personal and hopefully prevents mistake buying which leads to Malamutes being returned to the breeder or the local animal control and ending up as a rescue.




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